NVELOPE® Thermal Solutions

Optimised solutions, superior performance

To create the ideal thermal design for your project, you need to consider a number of key areas: fire safety, thermal performance and heat loss, type and sustainability of materials, physical constraints and location and budget.

To get the ideal thermal solution for your project that balances all these key areas can be tricky. However, SFS NVELOPE® has created a range of Thermal Solutions which makes this process much easier. Our Thermal Solutions operate across the wide range of NVELOPE® rainscreen subframe systems and utilises the proven technology of Project Builder Thermal to enable any project to be optimised for performance and budget. Whether a lower or a higher thermal performance is required, our Thermal Solutions have the ability to fine-tune your project requirements. Utilising its UK Patent Pending technology SFS have been able to create high performing solutions that guard against thermal degradation due to compression of the thermal pad, ensuring no loss in thermal performance. This innovation combined with the bracket material choice of aluminium or stainless steel ensures that a full range of tailored solutions can be created for any project.
Aluminium NVELOPE® system
NVELOPE® aluminium brackets are supplied with a green plastic isolator which offers a degree of thermal benefit. However the principal function of the isolator is to eliminate any potential of galvanic corrosion between masonry and aluminium substrates.
Aluminium and Thermal Pad
Whilst strong and easy to install,  aluminium is very thermally conductive. The selection of the NVP Thermal Pad in combination with any of the aluminium systems instantly creates the NVELOPE® Aluminium Thermal option. This dra­matically improves the thermal performance of the rainscreen build-up.
Stainless steel NVELOPE® system
For greater performance, SFS have recently intro­duced a complete range of stainless steel brackets to complement our vertical aluminium ranges. Stainless steel demonstrates a much improved increase in thermal performance, approximately a 12x thermal improvement over and above aluminium. 
Stainless steel + Thermal Pad
For optimum thermal performance the combination of any of our NVELOPE® stainless brackets with the NVP Thermal Pad creates the ultimate Thermal Solution. Where rainscreen build-up designs prescribe demanding thermal solutions, this option offers the ideal high performance answer!

Try Project Builder to find your thermal solution

To help to identify the optimised solution, SFS can take your project details and create specific ther­mal calculations. Based on your project’s unique wall build-up configuration, our service thermally 3D models each bracket variant to calculate each bracket pointloss chi value. We can then use these values to thermally calculate the through-wall perfor­mance.

This service is able to dynamically calculate the required insulation depth to achieve your target U value. Our service dynamically regenerates the bracket pointloss 3D models to accurately calculate the through-wall thermal report.

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Anti-compression technology for better thermal performance

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