Overhead System

Our overhead lifeline system provides continuous fall protection for users in exposed work place situations.


The removable traveller device allows smooth travel along the line, over and around system brackets and components.


Fully compliant to industry standards: the system is independently tested and certified by SATRA to: EN795:2012 and CEN/TS16415:2013 for Type C applications.

Multi-user continuous fall protection system: our single span high tension system is engineered to support up to 4 users, for up to 30m. The multi-span systems can be used with internal and external corners for up to 4 users.

Versatile application: the system can be installed either overhead or wall-mounted to suit your specific need.


Unique removable traveller device: removable line attachment device allows for effortless movement along the line and across bracketry, for fully hands-free operation, and no need for a device for every installed line.

Fully high grade austenitic stainless steel components ensures longevity and protection from corrosion. All seals are EPDM or NBR ensuring chemical and corrosion resistance, and lifetime waterproofing.

Full technical assistance from the Building Envelope Specialists: our technical support team are available both in-house and onsite, bringing with them a wealth of expertise about safety systems and the market as a whole. Our UK Centre of Excellence has a training academy and in-house testing facility, including a 12m drop tower.

Extended warranty to provide total piece of mind to specifiers, installers and users. Warranty terms may be 1+24 years… or even longer than this, subject to conditions and project specification.

UK manufacture and production facility which means a quick turn around, with next day delivery available for many items.


Design to provide a versatile solution for a range of challenging working at height situations:
  • Modular building construction
  • Trailer maintenance
  • Internal overhead crane inspections
  • Train maintenance
  • Marine
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Chargement en cours
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