Soter II Horizontal Lifeline System

The industry-leading Horizontal Lifeline System from SFS allows users to safely work at height without restrictions to their movement. 

Fitted to the outer roof skin, the system uses innovative shock-absorbing technology to spread and dissipate the shock load of a multi- or single-user fall, protecting both users and the roof structure.


Independently certified: the system is independently tested and certified by SATRA to fully comply with all current European standards: EN795:2012 class A & C; CEN/TS16415:2013 UNI11578 as well as Australian and New Zealand requirements: AS/NZS1891.2:2001.

Full-traversable continuous fall protection system: the user can move freely whilst connected to the line, without the need to disconnect from the system and compromise their safety in any way. Our unique CE-marked Slyder device is designed to pass freely over all brackets & corners, allowing access and egress anywhere along the system and avoiding the need for expensive entry/exit terminals.

Multi-purpose, multi-user: the system is designed to protect up to 4 users, and can be used for fall arrest, work restraint, and work positioning. Alternatively posts can be installed as single point anchors for centralised maintenance tasks within a specific area of interest.

Versatile applications: Modular post and universal base plate - covers virtually all standard applications. Tested in conjunction with major roofing manufacturers of trapezoidal, composite, standing-seam and bituminous & single ply roof systems, there is a solution to all your horizontal safety lifeline needs.

Post yield force 4kN: Force required to release energy-absorbing element, resists accidental deployment.

Market-led development: We work with leading manufacturers in the industry to develop product-specific solutions for Fall Protection. This partnering approach has led to fast, informed product development.


Unique Patented Energy Absorber: In the extreme event of a fall, the high load post will deploy a uniquely patented energy-absorbing coil that limits the forces developed during free-fall. With peak load back to the roof system at below 6kN, even the thinnest of roofs are protected from the shock of a fall. As major roofing manufacturers develop profiles of lighter weight and insulation of greater thickness, the Horizontal Lifeline System has been designed to complement these advances without compromising structural integrity or user safety.

Fully high grade austenitic stainless steel components ensures longevity and protection from corrosion. All seals are EPDM or NBR ensuring chemical and corrosion resistance, and lifetime waterproofing.

Extended warranty to provide total piece of mind to specifiers, installers and users. Warranty terms may be 1+24 years… or even longer than this, subject to conditions and project specification.

Full technical assistance from the Building Envelope Specialists: our technical support team are available both in-house and onsite, bringing with them a wealth of expertise about safety systems and the market as a whole. Our UK Centre of Excellence has a training academy and in-house testing facility, including a 6x6m test bed and 12m drop tower.

UK manufacture and production facility means a quick turn around, with next day delivery available for many items.

Innovative fastening solutions: including our unique fully thermally insulated fastening system for flat roofs - no need for metallic bridge between fastener and base plate.

Aesthetic design: This top fixing installation method is not intrusive and can easily be retro-fitted to an existing building without compromising on architectural integrity.

Fool-proof installation: the system does not allow for incorrect installation of the high load and intermediate posts, eliminating risks arising from human error.


Tested in conjunction with major roofing manufacturers of trapezoidal, composite, standing-seam and bituminous & single ply roof systems, there is a solution to all your horizontal safety line needs.

Standing seam
SFS provide a range of clamps to suit a variety of standing seam roofs including aluminium rolled type, traditional folded, and Rivertherm standing seam.

Built-up flat roofs
Solutions are available for all types of flat roof build-ups including single-ply and bituminous on a range of decks. The toggle cup design of the fixings recesses the bolt head below the flat surface of the base plate, eliminating the risk of puncture damage to the membrane.

Composite roofs
Structural BULB-TITE Rivets are used to fix the base plates to the panels quickly and securely. SFS Fall Protection Systems installed on composite panels can be utilised for arrest or restraint.

Bespoke applications
The system can be adapted for use on a wide range of structures and systems including bridges, historic buildings, green roofs, walls and traditional roofing.


Our Horizontal Lifeline System has been designed for all types of roof structure, and we have a range of application-specific fasteners to suit your need:
  • Thermally broken sleeve and fastener BS-S and TI-S
  • Structural BULB-TITE™ Rivets
  • Stainless steel gravity toggle
  • Concrete screws
  • Chemical resin fix
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